Purity’s Reward

Purity’s Reward

One of the most common lies that is believed in our culture today is this: people are basically good. We constantly hear about people who have had their “faith in humanity” restored because of a single act of kindness, but such instances begs the question: if people are basically good, why would such acts be so few and far between? Why are there so many acts of evil that destroy a person’s “faith in humanity”? The reality is that people are not basically good, but rather they are depraved because of the sin nature they have inherited through Adam. Yet God still calls on us to have pure hearts. What does that mean, and how can a person be pure in heart? We invite you to join us this morning as we explore these questions as we study Matthew 5:8 and discover “Purity’s Reward.”

From the series entitled “Kingdom Ethics – The Sermon on the Mount” – Matthew 5:8


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