Courage: Developing Character to Stand Strong

Courage: Developing Character to Stand Strong

Do You Have What it Takes?

Many students fear what people would think if they stood up for Truth. It is tempting for students to blend in with the crowd and keep silent. The risk of being rejected or alone for speaking up seems far too great.

In these four inspiring sessions of this youth Bible study, Francis Chan opens up the Scriptures and shows students how their faith in Christ can give them the ability to live lives defined by courage. Students share real-life stories regarding their struggles and successes in the face of adversity.

Please join us 6:30 –8:00 pm Wednesday nights at Faith Baptist Church in Battle Creek starting the 1st of April for a Bible study by Francis Chan on COURAGE: Developing Character to Stand Strong presented by Right Now Media.

We will kick things off with a game or activity before we get into the Bible study. The study will include a short video followed by a leader guided and facilitated student discussion that will be grounded in scripture. We’ll finish with a light snack and time to hang out and fellowship.


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